Node.js debugger node-inspector used in windows

Debugging node.js code is easy using

For windows users the read me lists some fairly complex steps. I have been able to debug my nodejs code using node-inspector by just running a batch that contains these three start commands:

start "" /D"." node --debug-brk app.js
start "" /D"." node-inspector &
start chrome

You start this in the folder that contains the js file you are debugging (app.js in this case) and you have to install the node-inspector before you can start debugging by calling the npm command below.

npm install node-inspector

You also need chrome for this to work 🙂


Here is a screen shot of the four involved windows:
the command prompt that starts the three processes,
the iojs or node window running the app,
the node-inspector (here running in iojs)
and the chrome dev tools sitting on a break point and showing some info in the watch window


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